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2017.. HERE WE COME! – KartForce


What an amazing way to start a new year of karting by sending 3 teams to
compete in an ice kart race in the Alps.

The lads have been gagging to try ice racing and now it’s happening thanks
to the enormous generousity of the DDMT – Lt Dougie Dalzell MC Memorial

Less than 2 weeks later we host our first KartForce Team Endurance Race on
Wed 1st Feb in the Docklands, sponsored by TeamSport Karting.

This race will see 18 teams battle it out for 3hrs. We’re very proud to
welcome teams of fellow injured veterans from a variety of sister
organisations that we enjoy working with – and a team of veteran offenders.

There is a very obvious very heavily H4H funded team missing from the entry
list. but rumour has it they prefer passenger rides. It’s not too late to
grow a pair!

We’ll be organising more of these indoor races during the winter months and
then entering team endurance races at outdoor tracks all over the country.

Our main focus this year is taking part in 24hr races so we’re looking at
entering these races.

May – 24hrs of Majorca

Jul – Le Mans 24hr

Aug – British 24hr

Sep – Berlin or Venice 24hr

Dec – 24hrs of Kuwait

Jan/Feb 18 – 24hrs of America

Thank you for your amazing support – almost 7 years and still growing!

The most successful injured troops in British motorsport aiming to be the first to race in the Le Mans 24hr

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