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About KartForce – KartForce

About KartForce

About KartForce

KartForce is a team of Serving and ex-Serving injured troops that race in karting events around the country and abroad.

The drivers were all wounded during their service but that hasn’t stopped them jumping back into the saddle and the adrenaline filled world of motorsport – hence our slogan is “Your don’t need all your limbs to race… just British Bulldog Balls!”

The charity was set-up by Dave Player, an Ex-Royal Engineer and wheelchair user from a spinal injury.  Because the lads have so many different injuries, including missing fingers and thumbs, KartForce had to design a new set of hand control that give the lads full performance from the karts and allows them to race on a totally level playing in mainstream races.

In Jan 2013 we had 5 drivers and by the end of the year we had over 15 who had competed in over 45 races.  We now have almost 30 drivers and on course to entering 2 to 4 teams in 40 races in 2014.

KartForce now has race teams KartForce North, KF South and KF Scotland and consistently challenge in series’ such as the Inter Services Karting Championships against 44 teams from the Army, RAF and Navy.

We also compete in the European Prokart Endurance Championships, which include 3 x 24hr race – the Isle of Man 24hr, the Eindhoven 24hr and the British 24hr.

The aim is to provide injured troops with memorable, adrenalin packed experiences and providing the injured troops themselves with the opportunity of enjoying the experiences of racing and socialising, something they never thought they could do again.

Dave says, “We’re officially recognised by the Combined Services Sports Board, Battle Back, British Army Motorsport Association and Army Karting – and around half the lads are still Serving.  However, we don’t get any official support or funding and have survived on the fantastic support of the Great British public and companies.  They won’t even allow us to put their logos on our web site saying “Officially recognised by…”.”

“KartForce needs your support.  To ensure we can continue entering teams in races, we need funds.”

Please show your support by donating today!

The most successful injured troops in British motorsport aiming to be the first to race in the Le Mans 24hr

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