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BRITISH 24hr – RACE REPORT – KartForce


Sat 1th & Sun 13th August 2017

This is the race all our lads look forward to the most each year.

It’s the hardest 24hr race, held at the UK’s longest track, with a massive field of almost 70 teams.

Where most teams entered 6 or 8-man teams, we entered 3 x 4-man teams because the lads thrive on pushing themselves, both physically and mentally.

We entered our experienced drivers in the Clubman Class in one of our competition karts, who qualified 11th and put up an amazingly consistent battle.

Even with some 45 mins in the garages – once to replace an engine – the lads always put in fantastic lap times and fought their way back up the grid, finishing 8th in class.

Our two in the Hire Kart class, both performed really well and showing how far they have progressed in such a short period of time.

One team’s transponder went down so they lost 14 laps whilst the problem was being identified.  Even more motivated, they went on to regain the lost positions and make up 9 places in the final 4 hours.

Throughout this year we have focused on giving our rookies maximum track time in long races, and to give them the endurance training they need, we have entered 2-man teams when others are entering 4-man teams, for example in 6hr races.

This has paid off and the rookies in both teams put have in impressive and solid races.

Next year, these lads will all be racing in the Clubman Class, in faster more competitive competition karts, having earnt their stripes on track.

This is a race all these lads will remember – it’s a huge personal achievement and they all leave with an enormous sense of pride.

We want to thank the Lt Dougie Dalzell MC Memorial Trust for their continued support and helping make it possible for our lads to compete in the pinnacle of UK’s team endurance kart racing.

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The most successful injured troops in British motorsport aiming to be the first to race in the Le Mans 24hr

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