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We are very proud to announce that we have invited the following three
people to become KartForce Ambassadors.


In the history of KartForce, never has a member of the team given back so
much, so often.

You are a shining example of what KartForce is all about. You have welcomed
every bit of guidance and instruction offered to you and used it to maximum
effect, on and off the track.

You welcome every challenge thrown at you and even though you might struggle
with some tasks, you never give up and always produce results for the team,
beyond your wildest expectations.

Your loyalty to your team mates, your honesty and pure determination have
more than earned you the right to be nominated a KartForce Ambassador.


Thank you for everything you do for KartForce and the lads.
Hardly a day goes by where we don’t get a call, a message or a Tweet from
you with an idea, a suggestion or an introduction.
Everywhere you go you think of us and how our charity can benefit in one way
or another.


Your support and loyalty to KartForce and the lads has been nothing short of

For 5 years on the trot you have gone above and beyond to set up events to
raise funds for our charity, always putting your own physical pains aside.

No one has single-handedly raised the funds you have done for us.


These amazing bespoke plaques were made by veteran and member of KartForce,
Dene Markham – with the very generous support of another veteran, Jason

Check out the amazing engraving Dene has done on glass here and contact him
if you need something unique and special created.



Jason is a carpenter and joiner that specializes in kitchens etc but also
supplies engraving products in wood. Check out his web site.

The most successful injured troops in British motorsport aiming to be the first to race in the Le Mans 24hr

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