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Patrons & Ambassadors – KartForce

Patrons & Ambassadors

Patrons & Ambassadors


Dave Henson MBE

dave-hensonWe’re very proud to announce that our first patrons is Capt Dave Henson,
Royal Engineers. Capt Henson, a double amputee injured by an IED in Afghanistan, is a very keen sportsman and athlete. “When you’re competing, whatever the sporting discipline, no-one cares what your injury is. It’s all about getting yourself across the court or round the track as quickly as you can, digging out blind to win, to not let your team down, for pride. That’s what sport in recovery is all about. Forgetting about the pain and the drama for ten minutes, an hour. Get your head in the game, dig out and don’t let your team mates down. That’s what KartForce is all about and why it is so important. Providing that focus, the vehicle to kick start the will to win can set about such profound psychological changes it makes the rest of your recovery so much easier. You have that competitive edge and it carries across all aspects of your life. It makes you feel useful again, it makes you feel like you can. KartForce turns people from thinking they can’t to knowing they can.”

Johny Herbert

johnny-herbert“I first came across KartForce in Nov 2011 when a young double amputee soldier put on a display in a kart with hand controls. I just had to have a go and was amazed at how simple and effective they were.

I’ve followed KartForce’s successes since and have always enjoyed racing with the lads. Watching them as they get in to “race mode” I can see them transform into racing drivers. What they’ve achieved is truly amazing and a shining example of what’s great about being British.

In 1988 I had a crash and badly damaged my legs, almost losing my feet. I had to fight hard and dig deep to be able to come back a year later and race again, so I know a little about what these lads are going through and how determined they are.

I’m extremely patriotic and a big supporter of our Armed Forces, so it’s a huge honour to be a patrons of a charity that gets our injured troops into motorsport and competing on a level playing field, regardless of their injuries.”

Damon Hill OBE

damon-hill“I was a very lucky driver – I never got seriously hurt in my career.
Did I give as much to my country as KartForce drivers have? I fear not.
Did I get better rewarded? I certainly did.
It doesn’t seem very fair to me.

I’d like to say thank you to our service men and women who fought and lost so much so that millions of people like me could enjoy our freedoms.

Racing gave me so many thrilling experiences and challenges so I know that this has to be a great sport for injured soldiers.  Racing gives us a chance to live life to the max.

KartForce is the perfect idea and I wish it all the very best and hope you will support it too.”


Warren McKinlay

Ex-REME Cpl – Recovery
Traumatic Brain Injury


Bear Randell-Eyre

Ex-REME Cpl – Recovery Mechanic
KartForce supporter &
fund raiser



Salvo Cachia

Precision and Stunt Driver
KartForce supporter &
fund raiser


Mark Allen

Ex-Royal Anglian
Double Amputee

Martyn Compton

Ex-REME & Household Cavalry
75% burns

The most successful injured troops in British motorsport aiming to be the first to race in the Le Mans 24hr

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