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Quotes about KartForce – KartForce

Quotes about KartForce

Quotes about KartForce

“KartForce has given me the chance to experience adrenaline that I thought I would never find again.”

“The support team that is steadily growing is fantastic and make us that have been injured feel valued.”

“KartForce has helped me to interact with other people at race meeting and helped me massively with my PTSD issues.”

“Karting has helped me control my aggression. I was really angry, confused and out of control, and even lost my temper during a race and stormed off. I only did that once, as I’ve learnt to control my aggression, stay calm during incidents and focus on my racing.”

“Thanks for everything so far and that’s from the heart, I don’t think you realise how the karting has helped my recovery already. It gives me something fun to focus on instead of all the other shit that life throws at you.”

“The excitement on his face when I took the trusted tape measure to measure him for his race suit was something I hadn’t seen in a good while. So I just wanted to say from a long suffering wife thank you for making him smile! You really do give so many other injured lads something to focus on, something to look forward to.”

“After the race yesterday he came home in a glorious mood, was laughing and smiling and voluntarily told me about his day so thank you for that. This has really helped him come out of his shell as he’s been really low for a while.”

“Thank you for everything you’ve done for our country – sorry you got injured” 11 year old boy who then shook every lad by the hand.

“It was an honour to race alongside such a gutsy and brave bunch of fellas – you all have my utmost respect!! Well done and hopefully we will see you throughout the coming year and again at the 24 hour next year.”

“Cracking effort from all the lads over the weekend given the conditions, especially that lightning start he came flying past me in 10th like I was stood still!”

“I got the enjoyment of racing 3 of your guys the other day at Sandown Park – some of the most enjoyable racing I’ve done in years. Thank you very much.”

“I tell you something, this karting has and is helping more than anything else has (except my wife and my old band). God help anyone who tries to take it away from me.”

The most successful injured troops in British motorsport aiming to be the first to race in the Le Mans 24hr

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